Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

  1. Order that made would be considered as a valid order;
  2. Order could be edited by contact MOSH via here;
  3. Order could be edited as long as kitchen doesn't make the order yet. For the order that has been made by MOSH, the customer should accept the first order as a valid order that needed to be paid;
  4. Delivery information is in here;
  5. Discount and deduction follow exists instructions;
  6. Gift rewards are given based the poin customers get and could be subtituted into another rewards with a same price;
  7. MOSH guarantee  the freshness of the food and willing to replace the order that doesn't follow the standard;
  8. Product that taken out by "takeaway method" has been checked well by MOSH followed by the standard of procedure;
  9. MOSH doesn't responsible for the risk that may be happen in the street after food was taken out from MOSH;
  10. MOSH doesn't accept a debt as a payment method;
  11.  Electronic Payment should be valid after the amount is well credited in MOSH Bank Account.
  12. Any form of fraud will be legally processed by law.
  13. Soup/ Broth is not for sell separately;
  14. Broth need to be purchased with minimum Rp.50,000 of Hotpot Ingredients for Offline transactions and with minimum Rp.35,000 of Hotpot Ingredients for online transactions;
  15. For Delivery and takeaway, Soup and condiments for Hotpot will be given as much as your order;
  16. Portable stove and grill tools rent available at setting order page;
  17. Invite MOSH For your special events, please take MOSH Catering instead.

Return Policy

  1. Product that have been cooked couldn't be returned;
  2. If there are products that were not fresh, please forgive our mistakes. MOSH will replace it;
  3. If there are products that empty after payment, MOSH will offer similar product with the same price. If customers refuse the offers, MOSH will return the funds through MOSH Credit in the account.

MOSH Points

  1. MOSH Points are Loyalty Points earned by consumers every online transaction at mosh.co.id;
  2. MOSH points are calculated from transaction value excluding (not included) taxes;
  3. MOSH Points have a period of 1 (one) year or 365 days started from being activated;
  4. MOSH points can be used to redeem products and reduce consumer transactions during online transactions;
  5. MOSH points cannot be cashed;
  6. In Force Majeure circumstances, MOSH has the right to cancel the policy of MOSH Points unilaterally and the Consumer in this case will not claim any compensation to MOSH;
  7. Force Majeure in article 6 (Six) above include any uncontrol-able things that could be happened, make impossible for MOSH to fulfill the intended obligations, for example: loss, miscalculation, fraud from the consumer regarding MOSH Points , and other actions that cause MOSH unable to carry out the obligations in this article.