Privacy Policy

In managing the MOSH Recipe Indonesia Website, the following is our privacy policy:

  1. MOSH does not store consumer's passwords, considering that the data has been automatically encrypted by the Website System.
  2. The images listed on the website are illustrative images and may differ from the original product.
  3. By registering, MOSH can save the Phone Number and Information that you provide as Consumer Data for sending MOSH discount and promotional information to consumers;
  4. MOSH Recipe Indonesia does not sell, distribute or use any costumer's personal data and will not provide it to the third parties or other parties for personal gain;
  5. The MOSH Recipe Indonesia Trademark is officially registered in accordance with Indonesian Laws;
  6. The images contained in the MOSH website are mostly owned by MOSH, while some minor parts are obtained from common browsers with the Internet as the source;
  7. Using the MOSH Recipe Trademark without the knowledge of Management is prohibited;
  8. By registering for a MOSH Website account, you have the right to obtain information in the form of benefits such as discounts and other promos.
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