Delivery & Takeaway

MOSH Serves Delivery Service around restaurants with minimum transaction online of Rp. 100,000. - per one delivery location & minimum transaction non-online of Rp.150,000.- per one delivery location . The shipping fee is adjusted to the shipping distance as follows:

  1. Distance 0.1 - 3.8km FREE Delivery
  2. Distance 3.81 - 5.8km is charged Rp. 5,000.-
  3. Distance 5.81 - 7.8km is charged Rp. 8,000.-
  4. Distance 7.81 - 10km is subject to Rp. 10,000.-
  5. Distance 10.1 - 15km is subject to Rp. 17,000.-


  • Transaction under the minimum transaction will get penalty fee Rp.10,000.- per delivery with term apply;
  • MOSH tries to deliver food based on our Couriers availability;
  • MOSH has a right to reject delivery unilaterally if there are technical problems such as the unavailability of the courier or other problems. And when delivery is not possible to do, MOSH will offer other types of pickup or deliver option to consumers by using the delivery cost sent by customer;
  • MOSH tries it's best in the shortest possible delivery time to consumers according to the line and level of the restaurant's business;
  • MOSH advice for every food that has been received should be consumed within a maximum of 3 (three) hours after it is received by the consumer;
  • MOSH uses food-grade food packaging materials so that it can be warmed up in the Microwave;
  • MOSH couriers are not permitted to accept fees in any circumstances.


For takeaway service (by costumers or third parties), please provide takeaway's time and your phone numbers. We will prepare your order by your request.


  1. Soup/ Broth is not for sell separately;
  2. Broth need to be purchased with minimum Rp.50,000 of Hotpot Ingredients for Offline transactions and with minimum Rp.35,000 of Hotpot Ingredients for online transactions;
  3. For Delivery and takeaway, Soup and condiments for Hotpot will be given as much as your order;
  4. Portable stove and grill tools rent available at setting order page;
  5. Invite MOSH For your special events, please take MOSH Catering instead.