About Us

MOSH Indonesia is a small to medium scale culinary service provider that established in September 2019, MOSH has a vision to become one of the local culinary destinations that can reach all groups of Indonesian consumers. Currently MOSH provides Hotpot (Suki / Shabu), Grill (Grill Plate), Skewer (Herb Satay), Rice Bowl, Udon, Ramyeon, Various Drinks and other menu in the future with premium recipe. MOSH is committed to becoming a Culinary Provider Service Unit that is constantly developing by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

MOSH is certified by MUI and has been committed since the beginning to always maintain the halal of raw materials and cleanliness of supporting food ingredients providers as one of our responsibilities to provide the best for consumers.

Come and enjoy the culinary fun with MOSH.

MOSH Indonesia
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